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Simplifying Print And Showcasing Products

Established in 1983, Naili Print Media is one of the leading commercial printing houses in Singapore.

The printing industry is full of business jargons that often only industry experts would be familiar with. Naili Print Media wanted a way to present print in simple terms for their customers to understand. Besides that, with numerous print enquiries coming in each day, he wanted an avenue to consolidate and showcase past works and resources.


Identifying The Personas

Before we could create an appealing yet simple to use interface, we first had to understand Naili's target customers.

We created customer profiles for to represent their customers. Once we were able to narrow down on these personas, we could better understand their needs and considerations.


Laying The Foundation

Just like how setting the groundwork is important for the construction of a building, we believe that the information architecture is an important pillar attributing to the success of a web development project.

A clearly defined sitemap and presentation of wireframes not only allows clients to provide feedback at the earlier stages, it also helps to move the project forward quickly by ironing out the structure of the website at the start.

At this stage, we balance the idea of what users expect to see, and how our client wants to present information on the website.


Deciphering Print For Customers

The challenge was to present information in layman terms for customers to understand.

After much research and discussion, we decided that the best way to display information was to present the end products instead of focusing on the services provided. Most customers were not familiar with the the types of printers and their functionalities e.g. LED-UV, offset, digital printing etc. Instead, they were interested in the types of products that can be printed, along with similar examples that have been done before.

With this information and earlier data on Naili's customer profiles, we were able to group the products into four categories: Marketing Materials, Stationery, Outdoor Prints and Campaigns.


A Visual Catalogue

Naili does not have a lack of past works and samples to present to their customers. However, one key issue they faced was having information all over the place. Besides that, they also found it time consuming to search and send information individually to different customers.

We resolved this by building a visual catalogue that addressed all these issues. All categories were listed down clearly within each product page. We also included an in-built search function which allows for customers to search for any key words. As the search function is responsive, it will automatically sort and filter products based on key words included.

Creating Value For Customers

Whilst customers might not be familiar with the different types of printing and their differences, most of them would be interested to find out more about the different types of print finishing and effects that will allow their final product to stand out. Hence, we recommended our client to include this information below each product showcase. Customers would be able to refer to the website for more examples on a particular type of print finishing they are looking for (e.g. hot stamping).

As Naili wanted to showcase multiple images for each product, we also added an in-built slider for users to be able to browse through images easily without having to navigate in and out of an image lightbox (gallery). The use of the lightbox adds an additional step of navigation, which would disrupt the user experience.

Making Editing A Breeze

With so much content to manage, we recommended a CMS system for Naili which would make it easy for anyone on the team to make edits.

Managing content is fuss-free, and easily done by following the instruction manual provided by our team.

Attention To Details

We pride ourselves in being thorough and thoughtful in our work. Little details add to the whole experience of using a website, and a well designed website results in higher lead generation for our clients.

Besides creating customised pins for the google map, we also updated the Open Graph meta tags for the Naili website. The Open Graph meta tags control how URLs are displayed when shared on social media, and we wanted to make sure the whole experience was customised.

We also added a banner at the end of each page to enforce call-to-action.


From Start To End

This project was a notable one for Motive, which saw us coming in as consultants and managing the whole project from start to end.

Besides doing the design and development of the website, we were also engaged for our copywriting and photography skills. We did the full web copywriting, and also conceptualised and directed the photography for all products.

It was a lot of fun conceptualising the banner photos for the website, and working with a short timeframe to complete the photo shoot, right before the covid-19 circuit breaker happened.

This is definitely one project we will remember.